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    Dog & cat grooming Grooming, whether bathing or just brushing, is healthy for your pet for many reasons. It also helps strengthen the human-animal bond while allowing you to keep a close eye on your dog’s or cat’s physical condition to prevent small problems from turning into larger ones. Whether you do all the grooming yourself or take your pet to a professional groomer or veterinarian for certain procedures, here’s what you should know to keep your pet clean and healthy. Cat Grooming Basics For the most part, a healthy cat will take care of grooming herself. In fact, cats are fastidious about cleanliness! But there are specific things you can do help her stay in tip-top shape. Brushing: Regular brushing will help keep your cat’s fur and skin healthy. For short-haired cats, a weekly brushing will suffice. For longer-haired cats, you might need to plan for a daily brushing to prevent painful matting. Brushing with a metal comb will loosen the hair and help break up any clumps. Follow that with a rubber brush to collect the hair. Be very gentle with your cat and stop brushing if she becomes agitated. Bathing: While most cats don’t enjoy or need Read more [...]